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CH 0043 1966 Vs 2017 Fix
CH 0043 1966 Vs 2017 Fix
CH 0034 35
CH 0030 31
CH 0010 11
CH 0013 14
CH 0001 2
CH Modules 1500×900
CH Framing1500x900
CH 0039 Module V
CH 0041 Front V
CH 0043 1966 Vs 2017 FixCH 0034 35CH 0030 31CH 0010 11CH 0013 14CH 0001 2CH Modules 1500×900CH Framing1500x900CH 0039 Module VCH 0041 Front V

digital faraday cage I : ball chair
installation in Bangkok, Thailand

Faraday Cage Ball Chair re-interprets the iconic Ball Chair, designed by Eero Aarnio. In its original, 1960’s context, the chair was ‘a room within a room,’ intended as a private space for relaxing or having a phone call. In 2017, the chair is reconsidered as a private space for relaxing, sans phone calls & digital connectivity.

The Digital Faraday Cage Project is a social commentary on paralyzing addiction to digital connectivity in domestic environment. The project responds to the need to unplug and wean off excessive media consumption via two common domestic elements—dining table and lounge chair.

Each dwelling element is reconceived to severely block mobile phone and Wi-Fi signals, forming a small architectural enclosure around the table top or lounge seating with materials that absorb electromagnetic transmissions. The enclosure is lined with grounded conductive wire mesh in order to form a Faraday Cage that envelops occupants and/or their devices in a digitally-disconnected bubble.

The project is a part of the Dwelling Elements Exhibition, curated & sponsored by the Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage for ASA Architect Expo’ 17.

completed summer 2017
team Patrattakorn Wannasawang, Nantawat Siritip
craft Sakcharoen Phusririth
sponsored by The Association of Siamese Architects under Royal Patronage

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