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06 Shed+ 1200×900
06 Shed+ 1200×900
01shed+ 720×540
11 Shed+ 1200×900
14 Shed+ 1200×900
13 Shed+ Prototype 1200×900
15 Shed+ 720×540
08 Shed+ 1200×900
05 Shed+ 1200×900
07 Shed+ 1200×900
10 Shed+ 1200×900
12 Shed+ 1200×900
04 Shed+ 720×540
/Users/emilyelise/Documents/rolandjames/siteplan Shed Base.dwg
Shed+ Existing 1200×900
03 Shed+ 720×540
06 Shed+ 1200×90001shed+ 720×54011 Shed+ 1200×90014 Shed+ 1200×90013 Shed+ Prototype 1200×90015 Shed+ 720×54008 Shed+ 1200×90005 Shed+ 1200×90007 Shed+ 1200×90010 Shed+ 1200×90012 Shed+ 1200×90004 Shed+ 720×540/Users/emilyelise/Documents/rolandjames/siteplan Shed Base.dwgPLAN 1ELEVATION AELEVATION BELEVATION CShed+ Existing 1200×90003 Shed+ 720×540

SHED [+]
a design-build project conducted as a part of 2011 Public Interest Design [PID] Summer Program in Austin, TX.

SHED [+] is an urban yard rejuvenation system that aims to promote neighborhood safety, sense of home ownership, and quality of life of the residents of Austin’s Guadalupe Neighborhood. The core component is the storage shed, built on mostly underutilized yard & integrated with a variety of customizable, need-based add-ons such as chicken coop, vegetable beds, clotheslines, or backyard barbecue unit. This prototype includes a storage shed + a small chicken coop for Roland, a neighborhood painter, and his two domestic chicken.

The main construction material consists of old wooden shipping pallets collected from Austin’s neighborhoods, constructed into panels and sheathed with custom sanded acrylic sideboards. The milky white, translucent aesthetics of the shed is in sharp contrast to the charred wooden pallets of the chicken coop add-on. When lit up at night, the structure becomes a glowing beacon that helps increase neighborhood safety.

host  Design Corps + The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture & Center for Sustainable Development
conducted summer 2011
organizers Bryan Bell, Barbara Brown Wilson
very awesome collaborators Danica Adams, Emily McMillan, Chris Murton, Annie Palone, Natalie Thomas
special thanks Roland the Painter of the Guadalupe Neighborhood and his chicken

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